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European Stability Initiative (ESI) is a site where you can find reports on South Eastern Europe and European enlargement Policy. Recent projects are about the situation in Turkey and EU policy on Visa-Free Travel for the Western Balkan.

Euranet – brings Europe closer to its citizens

A new initiative to bring Europe closer to its citizens is ‘Euranet’, a network of 16 radio-stations from 13 EU-countries. Among these are stations the Dutch ‘Wereldomroep’, the German ‘Deutsche Welle’ and ‘Radio France International’. But also radio stations from new member states, for example, the Slovenian ‘Radio International’ and the Polish ‘Radio Polskie’. In February of this year, Margot Wallström, the Vice-president of the European Commission launched this new initiative, the broadcasting started in April and the new website ( will be launched at the end of June.

The intention of this initiative is to inform citizens through interviews and reports about the European Union. The primary target group is aged from 20 to 45. In the beginning broadcast will be in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian, but it should gradually expand to all 23 languages of the EU. Every participating radio station will produce centrally agreed content tailored to its own audience.

The website is planned to be interactive. Everyone will get the opportunity to put sound to it, in order to create a ‘European sound’. With such elements the website creators intend to include European culture into the European news.

From Monday to Friday the program will broadcast news from Europe every day for half an hour, in the weekends a European magazine should offer background information and European cultural issues. Approximately three times a year a big European event should be broadcasted as well. The website will offer new programs every day. The annual budget of this network is 5, 8 million Euros, descending from the European Commission’s communication budget. Even though the money is originating from the EU the redaction will enjoy editorial freedom guaranteed by an editorial charter.

Tatjana Meijvogel-Volk, IPP, Netherlands

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