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European Stability Initiative (ESI) is a site where you can find reports on South Eastern Europe and European enlargement Policy. Recent projects are about the situation in Turkey and EU policy on Visa-Free Travel for the Western Balkan.


Election to European Parliament: VoteMatch Europe - Which party should I vote for?

Under our news column we will present various projects of Politeia member organizations around the Elections to European Parliament.Today it’ s the turn of the Instituut for Political Participation. Projectmanager Jochem de Graaf will present us the project ‘Vote Match’ 2009, which was launched on April 29th in Brussels.

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Preparation for the EU and Local Elections

Since August 2008 the V.P.S.J. has facilitated 60 workshops throughout Ireland in preparation for the E.U and local elections.

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Debate about the elections to European Parliament

On May 26th the Dutch Centre for Political Participation organized a debate about the elections to European Parliament.

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EU Exercises

The aim of the Asociaţia pro democraţia (APD) project is to stimulate the interest of the young people in Romania in the way of electing the Romanian representatives in the European Parliament and their interest in European issues.

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